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Hi there! I am Mareyna Bester, living in a small town called Tzaneen, Limpopo Province, South Africa and my baking expeditions all started by accident...

In October 2013, my husband's 11 year old little boy wanted a "Mine Craft" Cake for his birthday. Naturally I started calling around for ideas and prices. I spoke to a lovely lady who gave me a price on such a cake, and my husband's first reaction was... "You are NOT paying THAT for a cake the kids will eat in three minutes!!!"

So, Plan B: Make it yourself... I embarked on this "experiment" with a lot of preconceived ideas and hesitation, but also a lot of excitement for this new art. And the cake came out... not too shabby!

As they say in Afrikaans... "die gogga het my gebyt!", roughly translates to "the bug bit me!" This is an understatement! It bit me indeed!. Here was the problem - you only have so many birthdays in your circle of family and friends, so how was I going to practice this very satisfying art??? The idea came to me to advertise a bit and see what happens. The result the next day was a flooded inbox! I couldn't believe it! So, whether I wanted to or not, I started BAKING!! and haven't stopped since!

A lot of hearts were made very happy and I love the gratification of experiencing the joyful reaction of a happy customer! I am no Buddy Valastro yet, but if you will allow me to, I will make your dream cake come true! Now, as the name of the Bakery says, it gets "CRAZY"!


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